SEO and Mobile Optimization – Mobile is Huge!

Mobile Search Optimization – “Key in 2014 Pay Attention”

Matt Cutts during his Pubcon talk said “Mobile is huge, and will be key in 2014, so pay attention to it.”  and to that I say, finally!

Yes, there really is such a thing as “mobile SEO”,  despite what all the others in the industry say, you need to get with the mobile SEO program AND FAST!

In putting together a program for my client, for 2014, I am reminded about the those that said Mobile SEO isn’t anything we should focus on. In fact just a few years ago, like around 2010, I recall putting together a mobile strategy for my previous employer and those were the days when the question was “should we buy a .mobi TLD?” The answer was “no” you should not. Long story short, it was a difficult process, what pages should be on the m dot site, which should not? Today, we have a new set of rules and guidelines provided to us by both Bing and Google.

In summary here’s what you need to do:

1. Determine which is best for your site, is it a responsive design or separate M. site?

2. Test, test and do some more testing – learn what your visitors are looking for via mobile search, what do they need there that they wouldn’t search for on the desktop site?

3. If you decide to move to a responsive design, be sure to plan well ahead. Depending on how many pages you have on your separate mobile site, this could be a considerable undertaking and could undue stress and strain on your developers and design teams.

4. Provide all SEO best practices to your mobile pages always  - that should go without saying, but I had to say it.

5. Check your Google Analytics – how is your mobile search visitation? What are the largest referring domains? Is there anything new you can learn and apply today?

Last but not least, I thought I would share with you something from Ali Husayni- the Matt Cutts talk from the last PubCon 2013.


Enjoy and as always I welcome any and all feedback, good, bad or ugly.

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It’s Wednesday midday, I am working through my day job and I check into my personal / side-business email and find loads of newsletters, crap offers, and then I look at my Firefox and Chrome tabs and see tons of sites I’ve left there because I didn’t have time to watch the video on “Best Way to Grow Your Email List” or “Niche Site Project Case Studies” or “Join our Rapid List Building Workshop” and on and on that list goes.

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SearchLove San Diego 2013 – Wrap Up

If I could impart something on you today it would be this – do yourself and your career a favor, and just pick one conference, whether it’s a SearchLove conference, MozCon, SMX or SES, and just go. I will explain why a little later on, but first I wanted to share my experience attending Distilled’s latest SearchLove conference held in San Diego this past week.
















The conference ran for 2-days. Beginning on Thursday morning 9am September 5th and ended nearly 6PM on Friday the 6th. There were a total  20 sessions broken up into 8 hours of varied and sometimes topical information.
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New SEOs – In House SEO – Agency SEOs

I tweeted and posed a question on Quora over the last hour and I am hoping you, my loyal readers, are able to help me out with something. I have been building advanced level SEO strategy, best practices for both marketing and technical teams. I have worked by in-house and within agencies and both small and large size type of consulting.


How can I help you out – You the NEW SEO out there who is wondering how they can get in this really fun, ever-changing industry. What types of interview questions should you expect? What does your process look like as the lead SEO manager within a large corporation? How can you most effectively get things implemented across multiple IT teams?

If you have 2 minutes to spare, and are a new SEO, I would encourage you to answer the poll I created below.  Or leave a comment below, maybe you’d prefer to Tweet me @jtbartoli and let me know what you think!  Thank you very much in advance!

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